Looking for lunch buddies at work? You’re not alone! A staggering 65% of employees eat lunch alone at their desks. But fear not because The Lunch Pro has practical and engaging ways to help you connect with your colleagues over a delicious meal. From joining office lunch clubs to utilizing company communication channels, these strategies will spice up your lunchtime routine.

Key Takeaways to Find Coworkers for Lunch

  • Join office lunch clubs and utilize company communication channels to connect with coworkers and organize lunch outings.
  • Participate in social or interest-based groups and team-building activities to meet colleagues interested in grabbing lunch.
  • Take the initiative and invite coworkers to join you for lunch, and keep the momentum going by regularly scheduling lunch outings or potlucks.
  • Utilize online platforms, such as social media groups and coworking apps, to connect with colleagues and explore lunch buddy matching websites.
Selfie, smile and happy team at work having fun, bonding and enjoying their lunch break at the offi
A happy team at work having fun, bonding and enjoying their lunch break at the office

Join Office Lunch Clubs

Joining an office lunch club is a fantastic way to connect with coworkers and enjoy delicious meals. These clubs are typically organized by employees interested in exploring different eateries or enjoying a meal together. Regular meet-ups allow you to establish and strengthen relationships with coworkers outside the usual work setting.

Office lunch clubs provide the perfect opportunity to network and socialize in a relaxed atmosphere. You can chat casually, exchange ideas, and even discuss work-related matters. Additionally, these gatherings can help you discover new restaurants in the area, expand your culinary horizons, and save money by participating in group lunch deals or sharing dishes.

Screen shot of the web based mewssaging platform called Slack
Internal messaging platforms like Slack are convenient spaces to reach out to coworkers.

Utilize Company Communication Channels

Maximize your efforts to find coworkers for lunch by utilizing various communication channels within your company. Internal messaging platforms like Slack or Microsoft Teams are convenient spaces to reach out to coworkers and discuss lunch plans. Join relevant channels or create a new one specifically for lunch-related discussions.

Don’t overlook the power of email. Send a friendly email to your team or department, mentioning that you’re looking for lunch buddies and inviting anyone interested to join you. This approach allows you to connect with coworkers who may not be active on other communication platforms.

If your company has a social intranet or online community, such as Microsoft Viva or Workplace by Meta, use it. These platforms often have dedicated groups or forums where employees can connect and organize social activities, including lunch outings. Post a message stating your desire to find lunch companions and see who responds.

Consider leveraging your company’s calendar system. Many organizations have shared calendars where employees can schedule meetings, events, and informal gatherings. Create an event specifically for finding lunch buddies and invite colleagues to join.

A young woman reaching out to Find Coworkers for Lunch
How to Find Coworkers for Lunch: 5 Effective Strategies 4

Join Social or Interest-Based Groups

Maximize your chances of finding lunch companions by participating in social or interest-based groups within your company. Many companies have social groups or clubs that organize regular lunch outings or activities. Joining these groups allows you to expand your social circle and build relationships with coworkers outside the office.

Look out for community events your company organizes, such as charity runs, volunteer events, or team-building activities. These events provide a platform for connecting with colleagues in a more relaxed and casual setting, creating the perfect opportunity to make lunch plans.

Participate in Team-Building Activities

Make the most of your lunchtime networking by participating in team-building activities with your coworkers. Team-building exercises and collaboration initiatives are fun and effective ways to strengthen relationships, foster a sense of camaraderie within your workplace, and find coworkers for lunch. These activities allow you to connect with your colleagues deeper, enhancing communication and teamwork.

Organize regular team lunches or potluck events where everyone can come together, share a meal, and engage in casual conversations outside the work environment. Participate in organized team-building exercises like escape rooms, sports competitions, or volunteering activities. If your company doesn’t have formal team-building initiatives, take the initiative to suggest and organize activities yourself.

Take the Initiative and Invite Others

Engage your coworkers for lunch by taking the initiative and inviting them to join you. Sometimes, all it takes is a simple invitation to bring people together. Here are a few practical tips to help you organize potlucks and find lunch buddies:

  • Be proactive: Don’t wait for someone else to make the first move. Extend an invitation by approaching coworkers individually or sending out a group message.
  • Be inclusive: When organizing a potluck, involve everyone. Encourage your coworkers to contribute their favourite dishes, creating a sense of community and shared responsibility.
  • Be open-minded: Reach out to colleagues from different areas of the company. This can help you build new connections, gain different perspectives, and broaden your professional network.
  • Be consistent: Keep the momentum going by regularly scheduling lunch outings or potlucks. This creates a routine and increases the chances of more coworkers joining in.

Find Coworkers for Lunch Conclusion

By following these five effective strategies, you can break free from the monotony of eating alone and forge new connections with your colleagues. Combining office lunch clubs, company communication channels, social or interest-based groups, team-building activities, and your initiative will create a fulfilling lunchtime experience. Start building those lunchtime bonds and enjoy the benefits of a more connected and enjoyable workday.

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