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Our goal is to make sure, no matter what the circumstances, you have the best opportunity to take the midday break you deserve.

The Source for Lunch Planning, Enjoyment and Reminiscence

Join us here, where every lunch is an opportunity to indulge in the pleasures of great food and even greater memories.

About Jon Simon

Jon’s days are divided into two: BEFORE LUNCH and AFTER LUNCH. So much of his cherished memories took place during the midday meal whether it was at a favourite spot or with someone special or the activity itself.

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The Work Day

From the Office or at Home

Whether teleworking, at the office or dealing with varied hybrid models we have the ideas and strategies to make it work for you and your colleagues, whether an internal lunch or with an important client.

Do you remember lunch at the diner with a departed family member? Our nostalgia section will help you go back in time.

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This category will be your step into the past and hopefully rekindle fond memories where we’ll take you to the places that no longer exist where you may have shared good times with a loved one and with replicas and recipes we’ll hold your hand as we step back in time.

Planning school lunches, picnics, or getting meal ideas, we have you covered.

We have subdivided this section from toddlers, to teenagers and tweens in between. Want to know what to do when lunching with relative such as aunts and uncles or neices and nephews? We have some ideas.

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Recipes & Reviews

We do the research to recommend healthy ingredient or type of cuisine alternatives while also reviewing useful gadgets and appliances for their preparation in both our roundups and shop. From our Nostalgia section we recreate menu items from restaurants like Murray’s, that operated in Ontario and Quebec, Canada for many years as well as update them for health and convenience.

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