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Discover the World’s Most Exquisite Department Store Restaurants

Step into a world where culinary artistry meets luxury retail as we unveil the most exquisite department store restaurants around the globe. From the chic 10 Corso Como Café in Milan to the iconic Zodiac at Neiman Marcus in Dallas, these establishments offer an immersive journey into fashion, design, and indulgence. Join us as we explore renowned chefs, stunning interior design, and innovative menus, redefining the concept of retail dining with unparalleled elegance.

Key Takeaways

  • Neiman Marcus Restaurants, 10 Corso Como Restaurants, Saks Fifth Avenue Restaurants, Dover Street Market Restaurants, and Fred Segal Restaurants are some of the world’s most exquisite department store restaurants.
  • These department-store restaurants offer unique and luxurious dining experiences, combining fashion, design, and culinary excellence.
  • Each department store restaurant has its distinct atmosphere and features, such as Zodiac at Neiman Marcus in Dallas with famous faces who have dined there or the secret garden seating options at 10 Corso Como Café in Milan.
  • From the opulent aesthetic and olive trees at RH Yountville in California to the lion statues and diverse dining options at Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi Main Stores Food Hall in Tokyo, these department store restaurants cater to a wide range of tastes and preferences.
Photo of The Zodiac Room at Neiman Marcus in Dallas, Texas
The Zodiac Room at Neiman Marcus

Neiman Marcus Restaurants

Neiman Marcus restaurants are renowned for their elegant ambiance and exceptional culinary offerings. Their history and evolution are steeped in luxury and sophistication, dating back to the founding of the iconic and exquisite department store. One of the unique dining experiences at Neiman Marcus is the 10 Corso Como Café, which offers a fusion of fashion and food.

Located within select Neiman Marcus stores, the café brings the Milanese concept store’s chic and fashion-forward vibe. The café’s setting, once a former Fiat garage, adds to its allure, providing a distinct ambiance for diners. With its blend of art, fashion, design, and cuisine, 10 Corso Como Café at Neiman Marcus represents a harmonious convergence of style and gastronomy.

Photo of the 10 Corso Como Café in Milan, Italy
10 Corso Como Café

10 Corso Como Restaurants

The 10 Corso Como Restaurants offer a fusion of fashion and food, presenting a chic and fashion-forward exquisite department store dining experience within select department store locations. What makes 10 Corso Como restaurants unique is their origin as a fashion-forward concept store in Milan, the center of fashion. Founded in 1991 by Carla Sozzani, the former Fiat garage location has been transformed into a cultural and lifestyle destination, seamlessly blending fashion, design, art, and cuisine.

The restaurants feature a modern and elegant ambiance, with options for secret garden seating. The history behind 10 Corso Como showcases its evolution from a gallery, bookstore, and fashion boutique into a multi-functional space, including the renowned 10 Corso Como Café in Milan, Italy. This evolution has solidified 10 Corso Como’s position as an iconic destination for fashion and gastronomy enthusiasts.

P:hoto of a bar at LAvenue in Saks Fifth Avenue New York
LAvenue in New York City

Saks Fifth Avenue Exquisite Department Store Restaurants

Saks Fifth Avenue Restaurants offers a luxurious dining experience within the iconic department store, featuring LAvenue in New York City, known for its interior design by Phillipe Starck and private elevator entrance. The interior design highlights solid oak tables crafted by Vermont woodworkers and an outdoor terrace with views of Rockefeller Center.

The menu boasts signature dishes like the LAvenue Burger, made with prime beef, bacon jam, and truffle aioli, and the Tuna Tartare with avocado, cucumber, and soy-lime vinaigrette. Additionally, guests can savour the Lobster Club Sandwich, served on a brioche bun with crispy bacon and an herb aioli. The menu offerings also include a variety of seasonal salads, fresh seafood, and an extensive wine list, ensuring a memorable dining experience in the heart of New York City.

Interior Design HighlightsSignature Dishes and Menu OfferingsLocation
Solid oak tablesLAvenue BurgerNew York City
Outdoor terraceTuna TartareRockefeller Center
Views of Rockefeller CenterLobster Club SandwichPrivate elevator entrance
Outstanding items within New York City’s exquisite department store restaurants
Photo of the Rose Bakery in Dover Street Marketplace New York
Rose Bakery within Dover Street Marketplace in New York City.

Dover Street Market Restaurants

Dover Street Market Restaurants at Dover Street Market NYC in New York City offer a modern interpretation of a department store dining experience, focusing on unique culinary offerings and a contemporary ambiance. The iconic restaurant Zodiac has attracted famous faces, adding to its allure. Additionally, the establishment boasts secret garden seating options, providing a serene and intimate dining atmosphere.

This concept aligns with the overall design philosophy of Dover Street Market, founded by Rei Kawakubo and Adrian Joffe, which aims to provide a distinctive and immersive retail experience. The fusion of fashion and food at Dover Street Market Restaurants creates an environment where visitors can indulge in culinary delights and artistic inspiration, making it a must-visit destination for discerning individuals seeking a truly unique dining experience.

Photo of the Fred Segal Cafe in Sunset Boulevard location in Los Angeles CA
Fred Segal Cafe within the store located on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles.

Fred Segal Restaurants

Continuing the exploration of exquisite department store dining experiences, Fred Segal Restaurants offers a unique blend of French fare and a laid-back atmosphere, attracting early customers such as musicians. The menu boasts delectable options like the famous Avocado toast and the classic Croque Monsieur, complemented by a selection of cappuccinos.

Situated at Fred Segal Sunset in Los Angeles, California, this establishment has become a go-to spot for those seeking a relaxed yet refined dining experience. Embracing the chic and casual vibe that Fred Segal is known for, the restaurant has quickly become a favourite among the music industry’s elite and trendsetters. With its delightful culinary offerings and welcoming ambiance, Fred Segal Restaurants has unquestionably carved out its niche in department store dining.

Photo taken during the lunch service at Angélina restaurant in Paris, France
Photo at lunchtime at Angélina in Paris, France, courtesy of

Department Store Restaurants in Paris, France

Paris, France, is home to some of the world’s most luxurious and exquisite department store restaurants, offering an exquisite blend of culinary delights and stunning ambiance. Iconic French cuisine takes center stage in Paris department store restaurants, where visitors can indulge in the finest flavours of the country. One must-visit location is Galeries Lafayette, featuring a rich history and charm that captivates locals and tourists.

The tearoom on Rue De Rivoli, known as Angélina, is renowned for its signature Mont Blanc dessert, a petite mountain of meringue, whipped cream, and chestnut cream. Additionally, the fourth floor of Galeries Lafayette is home to Le Buffet, offering panoramic views of the Alster Lake. The following table highlights the enchanting allure of these department store restaurants in Paris.

Culinary ExperienceIconic French cuisine
AmbianceRich history and charm
Signature DishMont Blanc dessert
Scenic ViewsPanoramic view of the Alster Lake
Exquisite Department Store Distinguishing factors

Department Store Restaurants in Yountville, California

Yountville, California, boasts a selection of department store restaurants that offer an opulent dining experience complemented by its picturesque surroundings and elevated comfort cuisine. RH Yountville, located in the Napa Valley compound, provides an opulent aesthetic with chandeliers and olive trees, offering an exquisite dining experience. After being featured in a spread, the restaurant takes reservations and is in high demand. The showroom seamlessly blends in with the surroundings, including a wine vault for tasting. Visitors can also enjoy wine tasting and sneak a peek at the neighbouring garden belonging to the French Laundry, enhancing the French cuisine experience.

  • Opulent dining experiences
  • Wine tasting
  • French cuisine

Department Store Restaurants in Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo, Japan, is home to Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi Main Stores Food Hall, Japan’s first department store, offering diverse dining options in its depachika (food hall). Visitors can indulge in authentic Japanese cuisine and unique dining experiences at department store restaurants. The table below highlights some distinctive dining options at Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi Main Stores Food Hall.

Club HariesBaumkuchen
Japanese exquisite department store restaurant signature items

These department store restaurants allow locals and tourists to savour traditional Japanese dishes and explore Tokyo’s vibrant culinary scene. Whether savouring the crispiness of tempura at Yamanoue or indulging in freshly baked baumkuchen at Club Haries, these dining experiences showcase the rich gastronomic offerings within Tokyo’s department stores.

Exquisite Department Store Restaurants Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Any Special Events or Promotions at the Neiman Marcus Restaurants, Such as Exclusive Chef Collaborations or Themed Dining Experiences?

Neiman Marcus Restaurants offers exclusive culinary experiences, chef collaborations, and themed dining events. The promotions include special events and private occasions, providing guests with unique opportunities to enjoy exceptional cuisine and unique dining experiences.

What is the History Behind the Building That Houses the 10 Corso Como Café in Milan, Italy, and how does it Relate to the Restaurant’s Concept?

The 10 Corso Como Café in Milan, Italy, is housed in a former Fiat garage, reflecting the restaurant’s fashion-forward concept. The building’s history ties into the café’s ambiance, with its secret garden seating options and Milan’s status as a fashion center.

Can Guests at Saks Fifth Avenue Restaurants Book Private Events or Special Occasions, and What Unique Amenities or Services Are Available for Such Events?

Looking to host a memorable event? Saks Fifth Avenue restaurants offer an elegant setting for private events and special occasions. Exclusive chef collaborations, themed dining experiences, and unique amenities await guests seeking a truly exceptional gathering.

What sets the Rose Bakery at Dover Street Market NYC Apart From Other Bakeries in New York City, and Are There Any Signature Dishes or Menu Items that are Must-Tries?

The Rose Bakery at Dover Street Market NYC distinguishes itself with a modern interpretation of a department store and offshoot of the beloved Parisian bakery. Signature dishes include the knitted kaleidoscope-patterned turtleneck by Magda Sayeg, creating a unique ambiance.

How Does the Atmosphere and Design of the Tesse Bakery and Café at Fred Segal Sunset in Los Angeles, California, Reflect the Overall Vibe of the Fred Segal Store?

The atmosphere and design of Tesse Bakery and Café at Fred Segal Sunset in Los Angeles, California, embody the store’s overall vibe. The chic, relaxed ambiance and modern aesthetic reflect Fred Segal’s trendy yet laid-back spirit.


In conclusion, department store restaurants offer a unique and opulent culinary experience, seamlessly blending high-end retail with exceptional gastronomy. With renowned chefs, stunning interior design, and innovative menus, these restaurants redefine the concept of retail dining. It’s interesting to note that the department store restaurant industry is estimated to be worth over $5 billion globally, showcasing the growing popularity and success of this immersive dining experience.

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Explore the intersection of culinary finesse and luxury retail in our guide to the world’s most exquisite department store restaurants. Discover iconic spots like 10 Corso Como Café in Milan and Zodiac at Neiman Marcus in Dallas, where fashion meets sumptuous dining in stunning settings.
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