Looking to upgrade your lunch game? Say goodbye to sad desk meals and hello to delicious and nutritious work lunches you can pack in the morning. With quick and easy salad jars, flavourful wraps and sandwiches, nutritious bento box ideas, tasty mason jar soups, and healthy protein-packed bowls, you’ll have plenty of options to keep you satisfied and energized throughout the day. Time to say farewell to boring lunches and embrace a more wholesome midday meal routine!

Pack In The Morning Key Takeaways

  • Salad jars and mason jar soups are convenient and fresh lunch options that can be prepared in advance.
  • Wraps and sandwiches offer various flavorful options with different proteins, veggies, and spreads.
  • Bento boxes are a hassle-free way to pack a visually appealing and satisfying meal with protein, whole grains, fruits, and veggies.
  • Protein-packed bowls with nutrient-rich greens, lean proteins, high-fibre veggies, and nuts or seeds offer a nourishing and satisfying lunch option.
Make Everyone Jealous with these mason jar salads
Make Everyone Jealous with these mason jar salads

Quick and Easy Salad Jars

You can prepare four quick and easy salad jars for a week’s healthy work lunches in just 20 minutes. The options for salad topping variations are endless. Mix it with different proteins like grilled chicken, chickpeas, or tofu. Add crunch with nuts, seeds, or crispy chickpeas. Incorporate a variety of veggies such as cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, or roasted bell peppers. Consider adding feta cheese, avocado, or dried fruits for a burst of flavour.

When assembling your salad jars to pack in the morning, it’s essential to layer the ingredients properly to keep everything fresh. Start by dressing at the bottom to prevent the greens from getting soggy. Then, add your hearty ingredients like grains or proteins, crunchy toppings, and leafy greens. Seal the jars tightly and store them in the fridge for up to four days.

When you’re ready to eat, shake the jar to distribute the dressing and enjoy a delicious and satisfying meal. With these jar assembly tips, you’ll have a convenient and customizable lunch option ready to grab and go.

Wrap sandwich with chicken and avocado
A wrap sandwich with chicken and avocado.

Flavorful Wraps and Sandwiches

For flavorful wraps and sandwiches, consider prepping a variety of fillings and spreads to keep your work lunches exciting and satisfying. Incorporate different proteins and veggies to create various options for your midday meals. Get creative with fillings like grilled chicken, hummus, avocado, and roasted veggies to add a burst of flavour and textures to your wraps and sandwiches.

For portable options, consider using whole grain wraps, pita bread, or sturdy multigrain bread that won’t get soggy by lunchtime, even when you pack in the morning.

To elevate the taste of your wraps, experiment with different spreads, such as pesto, tzatziki, or spicy mayo. For added depth, layer in fresh greens, crunchy cucumbers, and tangy pickles. Remember classic options like turkey and cheese or tuna salad for a quick and reliable meal.

To keep things interesting, switch up your bread choices and consider using lettuce leaves as a low-carb alternative. By preparing a variety of flavorful fillings and using portable options, you can enjoy delicious and satisfying wraps and sandwiches throughout the workweek.

Nutritious Bento Box Ideas

Consider packing your nutritious bento box in the evening to ensure a hassle-free morning routine. Embrace creative bento combinations to keep your lunches exciting and nutritious. Consider assembling your bento box ingredients the night before for time-saving meal prep. Opt for a mix of protein, whole grains, and colourful fruits and veggies to create a well-balanced meal.

For example, pair grilled chicken with quinoa, cherry tomatoes, cucumber slices, and a side of hummus for dipping. Alternatively, you can prepare a sushi-inspired bento box with brown rice, edamame, seaweed salad, and fresh fruit for a delightful mix of flavours.

The key to a successful bento box is variety and portion control. Small compartments within the box keep different food items separate and visually appealing, helping with portion control and making your lunch feel like a restaurant-worthy treat. By preparing your nutritious bento box in advance, you can look forward to a delicious and satisfying meal at work. Now, explore some tasty mason jar soups for a comforting and convenient lunch option.

Closeup shot of a jar of prepared soup with corn with a scoop and a towel on a wooden table
A jar of prepared soup with corn.

Tasty Mason Jar Soups

To continue the theme of nutritious and convenient work lunches you can pack in the morning, explore the option of preparing tasty mason jar soups for a satisfying midday meal. Mason jar meal prep is a game-changer for enjoying delicious, hot soups on the go. Imagine digging into a steaming bowl of your favourite soup at work without the hassle of finding a microwave or dealing with messy spills. With mason jar soups, you can heat and eat without any fuss.

The key to crafting the perfect mason jar soup is layering. Add the heartiest ingredients, like cooked grains or pasta, followed by veggies, protein, and broth layers. When it’s time for lunch, pour the contents into a bowl, microwave, and enjoy a piping hot, flavorful soup packed with nutrients.

Whether a classic chicken noodle soup or a hearty minestrone, mason jar soups are the ultimate grab-and-go option for a comforting and wholesome work lunch.

Let’s explore another fantastic work lunch option: healthy protein-packed bowls.

A cottage cheese protein bowl
Cottage cheese protein bowl

Healthy Protein-Packed Bowls

Transitioning from the convenience of mason jar soups, you can easily create healthy protein-packed bowls for a nourishing and satisfying work lunch. These bowls are delicious, high in fibre, and low in carbs, making them ideal for a balanced and energizing midday meal.

Start with a base of nutrient-rich greens like spinach or kale, then add a lean protein such as grilled chicken, tofu, or hard-boiled eggs. Next, incorporate high-fibre veggies like broccoli, bell peppers, and cherry tomatoes to boost satiety and promote digestive health. For a satisfying crunch and extra protein, sprinkle nuts or seeds.

You can also add a small portion of a healthy carb like quinoa or brown rice for a well-rounded meal. Drizzle with a homemade vinaigrette or a dollop of hummus to elevate the flavours. With these high-fiber, low-carb protein bowls, you’ll stay full and focused throughout the afternoon without feeling weighed down.

Pack In The Morning Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Provide Tips for Keeping Salad Jars Fresh and Crisp Until Lunchtime?

To keep salad jars fresh until lunchtime, layer ingredients strategically. Start with dressing at the bottom, add sturdy veggies and proteins, and top with delicate greens. Seal tightly and store upright in the fridge.

How Can I Prevent My Wraps and Sandwiches From Getting Soggy by Lunchtime?

Pack ingredients separately to prevent sogginess in your wraps and sandwiches by lunchtime. Seal moist fillings like tomatoes in a separate container. Assemble them just before eating to keep them fresh and crisp.

Are Any Creative and Practical Ways to Pack Bento Box Lunches for Kids?

Looking for bento box ideas? Get creative with lunchbox decorations and keep it practical. Using silicone muffin cups to separate foods and cut sandwiches into fun shapes. It’s a great way to make lunchtime enjoyable for kids.

What Are Some Tips for Reheating Mason Jar Soups at Work?

You can master reheating mason jar soups at work! Just pop those jars of deliciousness in the microwave and enjoy your portable soup containers. Experiment with different mason jar soup flavours for exciting lunchtime soup options.

How Can I Ensure My Protein-Packed Bowls Stay Fresh and Delicious Until Lunchtime?

To keep your protein-packed bowls fresh until lunchtime, follow these tips: use airtight containers, store in the fridge, and consider adding a separate dressing container. Portion control and proper meal prep are key.


So next time you feel rushed in the morning, remember that packing a wholesome work lunch doesn’t have to be complicated. With a bit of planning and creativity, you can enjoy delicious and nutritious meals that will keep you satisfied throughout the day. Take the time to invest in your health and well-being by preparing these easy and convenient lunch options. Your body and mind will thank you!

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