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Welcome to The Lunch Pro’s Store, the culinary boutique where nostalgia meets necessity. Our shelves are stocked with a handpicked collection of kitchen gadgets, tools, and ingredients that make lunch preparation a breeze, whether you’re a novice or a seasoned home cook. From the essentials that every lunch aficionado needs to the specialized appliances that transform your kitchen, our selection is tailored to enhance your midday meal experience.

Dive into a world where nostalgia meets modern dining with The Lunch Pro’s exclusive Murray’s Collection! Imagine sipping your morning brew from a Murray’s Restaurant Legacy Coffee Mug, each a tribute to the iconic eateries once found in Ontario and Montreal. With prices starting from just $12.00, these mugs aren’t just drinkware; they’re pieces of history that bring the legendary Murray’s dining experience to your table.

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Shopping at the The Lunch Pro’s shop

But why stop at mugs? The Lunch Pro Shop invites you to wear your memories on your sleeve with the Murray’s Restaurant Miss Murray T-Shirt. Priced from $21.00, this blend of comfort and nostalgia is more than just apparel; it’s a conversation starter, a statement of style, and a nod to the past that fashion-forward individuals will love.

But our Shop is more than just a place to find your next favourite kitchen appliance or the best ingredient for your lunchtime creation. It’s a treasure trove of exclusive merchandise that captures the spirit of the lunchtimes we long for. Sip your coffee from mugs adorned with logos of the cherished diners of yesteryears, or dress your table with cloths that bring back the ambiance of the department store restaurants that are no more.

For those who wear their foodie status with pride, our range of t-shirts and apparel allows you to showcase your passion for the midday meal. And for the collectors, our exclusive memorabilia offers a tangible piece of history, connecting you to the restaurants and experiences that are preserved in our collective memories.

Dive into our Shop to discover products as unique as our readers. Each item is thoughtfully selected to represent the essence of The Lunch Pro—combining the joy of eating with the delight of reminiscing. So whether you’re here to equip your kitchen, find the perfect gift, or own a piece of culinary history, our “Store” is open, ready to cater to your lunchtime whims and wishes.

And for those who want to bring a touch of retro chic to their dining experience, Miss Murray’s Retro Chic Placemats are a must-have. At $46.00, these placemats do more than protect your table; they transport you to a time when dining was an event and every meal at Murray’s was a moment to cherish. Don’t miss out on this unique blend of nostalgia and style—visit The Lunch Pro Shop today and become part of the legacy!

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he Lunch Pro's Store, the culinary boutique where nostalgia meets necessity.
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