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The Spark That Started It All

Before March 15th, 2020, my daily routine included enjoying lunch at one of the many excellent restaurants near my office with colleagues or in our cafeteria, savouring my home-prepared lunch while catching up with coworkers. In July 2020, I decided to create The Lunch Pro website under the name The Lunch Channel.

As almost four years passed and I started writing for The Lunch Pro website, I discovered there was so much more to this topic than I initially thought, so it transformed into what it is today.

When I began to socialize my idea back then, the intent was to restrict myself to recipes, reviews, and nostalgia backed by a vlog. Every time I started writing an article, more ideas on the same subject, based mostly on my experiences, led me to so much more, as you will discover as you take the time to browse this widely expanding subject of Lunch.

The overwhelming abrupt shift to teleworking has become a permanent state.

The Shift to Teleworking

Like many others, when the pandemic hit, I began teleworking exclusively. What I missed most was the social aspect of lunch breaks. As we started returning to the office in 2021, initially one day a week, then gradually increasing to three days, the experience wasn’t the same. My employer’s decision to stagger our office days and have us work from different locations often left me alone at lunchtime.

The Birth of The Lunch Pro Website

This isolation made me realize I wasn’t alone in feeling this way. In July 2020, I created this website dedicated to lunch, drawing from my experiences and memories.

More Than Just a Meal

Lunch has always been special to me, extending beyond the work environment. I cherished lunches with my grandparents and enjoyed coming home from school to meals my mother or neighbours prepared. Weekly hot dog days at school and occasional lunches with friends at nearby restaurants were highlights of my childhood.

A Nostalgic Journey

Locating Chomedey, Laval, north of Montreal on a map
Locating Chomedey, Laval, north of Montreal

I grew up in Chomedey, Laval, Quebec, on the outskirts of Montreal. High school Saturdays were spent with my friend Stephen, catching a movie at the Loew’s and enjoying lunch at Murray’s Restaurant, Woolworth’s Lunch Counter, Howard Johnson’s, Mr. Steer, or Eaton’s Ninth Floor Restaurant. We’d most often eat at one of the three Murray’s locations on Ste-Catherine Street or at the Laurentian Hotel if the movie was later in the day.

Murray’s Restaurant and More

Photo from across the street (likely in front of Simpson's department store) of Murray's Restaurant near the Loews Cinema in Montreal
Murray’s Restaurant near the Loew’s Cinema in Montreal

Murray’s holds a special place in my heart, a sentiment I will explore in a dedicated section of The Lunch Pro. This section will feature memories, recipes, and reimagined keepsakes from this beloved, now-extinct establishment.

The Lunch Pro's Exclusive Murray's Restaurant Collection
The Lunch Pro’s Exclusive Murray’s Restaurant Collection

The Vision of The Lunch Pro

Bringing Lunch Back Home

Starting in 2020, I felt nostalgic for those regular lunch breaks and the restaurants of my youth. The Lunch Pro aims to introduce you to luncheon dishes you can easily prepare while working from home, recreating some of my favourite childhood lunchtime treats with a modern twist. Some recipes will even utilize the Instant Pot for convenience.

Navigating the New Normal

The Lunch Pro website offers guidance on adjusting to the post-pandemic work-life reality, including tips on teleworking, integrating socialization tactics, and suggestions for balancing work and social life. Family lunches and the benefits of having lunch with friends will also be a significant focus, emphasizing that life isn’t all about work.

The Lunch Pro Mission
The Lunch Pro Mission

Join Us on This Journey

Read the Lunch Pro Website’s mission statement, and I invite you to subscribe to our YouTube Channel, where you’ll find videos of recipes and nostalgic content. We also have a shop featuring exclusive items that evoke memories of the places we once visited and recommended products to help you prepare your best lunch.

Engage and Share

Please share your memories and ideas in the comments. Your contributions will help us build a community centred around the joy of lunch.

Thanks for stopping by.

Jon Simon

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  1. The Lunch Pro was inspired by the isolation of teleworking during the pandemic.
  2. The website offers nostalgic recipes and modern lunchtime ideas.
  3. It guides navigating post-pandemic work-life balance.
  4. The Lunch Pro emphasizes the social, professional and familial aspects of lunch.
  5. Engage with the community through comments and the YouTube Channel.
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